Jiendeleze is a Swahili word meaning to develop oneself.  Jiendeleze Women's Group was established in September 2010 to empower women and enable them to better help themselves and their families.  In Tanzania, many rural and uneducated women experience discrimination and oppression.  Jiendeleze provides an environment where these women can work together, receive training, and set up small businesses and initiatives that will generate their own independent funds.  Working together in small groups has helped these women overcome the isolation and powerlessness many felt before joining the group. 

When women thrive,

all of society benefits,

and succeeding generations

are given a better start in life.
-- Kofi Annan --

The women of Jiendeleze are role models in their communities. We see our groups as agents for change, both within their own families and in their communities.  They provide an example to all community members of what can happen when women refuse to remain powerless and take control over their own lives and the lives of their families.

Jiendeleze currently involves more than forty women and has succeeded in implementing six different projects, all situated around Rau on the way to Uru.  Jiendelze provides members with education, training and support (financial and otherwise) to set up their own income generating activities.  The aim is that with our support, these women will be able to generate their own incomes and in turn, through our network, be able to help others.

In this video, Kristy Blick talks about the organization "Elimu Africa," which supports the Jiendeleze Women's Organisation, and dedicates a live performance of her song, Miss Africa, to the women and girls of Africa.

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Jiendeleze Women's Group






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